August 20, 2021

EVDNT Live X Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier is creating the ultimate beat with the ultimate shoe. And guess what? You’re invited.

Yup, we’re making a beat with a shoe.

To celebrate the Vans EVDNT Ultimate Waffle, Vans is teaming up with one of the most talented musicians around – 5-Grammy Award winning, musical polymath Jacob Collier – on possibly the most unorthodox musical challenge we’ve ever done: make a song using the EVDNT Ultimate Waffle.

Jacob has set up a full live recording studio inside House of Vans London where he will be using the EVDNT UW as his main musical instrument: from using the shoe as a midi-controller to a DIY shoe xylophone, on top an array of more orthodox musical equipment.

And guess what? You’re invited.

Head over to the Vans Europe Twitch channel on August 21st at 8pm CET / 7pm UK to watch the music magic unfold LIVE.

One man. One Shoe. Unreal sounds. It’s happening.