Vans started Kooperation mit Brooks Saddles!

Posted 08/27/2010 by Vans

Wir haben im Oktober ien kleines Special in der Hintertür: Für alle Bike Liebhaber und Fixie Addicts: Wir haben eine Schuh in Kooperation mit Brooks designt. Ein bißchen Info zu Brooks und dem Vans Era findet ihr ihr unten-Bitte checkt sie aus!

"In deference to bicycle messengers and fixed gear enthusiasts who have ridden the Vans Era for years, Vault by Vans and Brooks Saddles collaborate in a special shoe and saddle pairing available at Vault by Vans accounts globally in October.


He headed for Birmingham, where in 1866 he established a business in horse harnesses and general leather goods in Great Charles Street under the name JB Brooks & Co. In 1878, the unfortunate death of Mr. Brooks’ horse led to a stroke of inspiration. Unable to afford another horse, he borrowed a bicycle in order to commute to work. He found the seat so uncomfortable that he vowed to do something about it. On 28 October 1882, Mr. Brooks filed his first saddle patent.

Waddling cyclists everywhere threw their hats in the air and the new product was a roaring success. The company became known and respected for its beautiful leather handcrafted saddles and soon started to make cycle and motorcycle bags and other accessories.  Traditional techniques in manufacturing leather saddles were passed down from generation to generation of craftsmen as the company grew under the guidance of the Brooks family until 1958.

In 1962 Brooks became part of Raleigh and moved to the current works in Smethwick in the West Midlands, just a few miles away from the original premises. In the last decade, we have struck out on our own again as Brooks England, following a new course that honors the company’s heritage. Inspired by the timeless products designed by our predecessors, we have revived the original slogan ‘Saddles, Bags, Etc.’ and introduced a range of cycle bags and other accessories.


Brooks England is steeped in history, a prestige brand that boasts almost 150 years of tradition and expertise. 

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